Bet You Didnt Know This. Food Items You Shouldn' t Refrigerate!

The fridge is our go to appliance for fresh foods but not all food items should be in there, We have seen a lot of things rummaging people'sfridge!
 Check out items you shouldn't keep in the fridge.

1. Bread
Storing bread in the fridge makes it dry out fast, it doesn't necessarily preserve or keep it fresh. It is best to store it at room temperature and for not more than 4 days, if you still have a lot left, it is better kept in the freezer.

2. Hot Sauce/ Condiments
We always believe that most condiments and table sauces must be stored in the fridge once opened but the truth is most of them contain contain salt, sugar and vinegar which are all great preservatives.

3. Tomatoes
always keep tomatoes at room temperature away from direct sunlight but never in the fridge.

4. Onions
It is better to have onions in a perforated basket/pantry but never the fridge because dampness will cause them to rot and spoil.

5. Garlic
Garlics don't like the cold. There is no need to refrigerate garlic, they are perfect where there is enough air to keep them fresh.

6. Potatoes
Potatoes are best left in an airy  place, they don't like cold temperature either, don't keep them in plastic bags this rot them easily while storing them in the fridge completely changes their flavor.

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