How to prepare for a Lecture (Read)

Preparing for a lecture means much more than you think, it simply means making oneself ready for a lecture or what a teacher is about to say. 

As you know, when you are about to have a lecture or you just entered a class to have a lecture, the lecturer will definitely ask you questions based on the previous lecture you had and if you are not prepared you will be
puzzled and entangled,

when he or she will ask questions based on the last lecture or even on what you should have known already and also on what you are about to learn that day. 

How do I prepare for lectures?

 You do that by studying a particular subject or topic based on what lecture you are going to have next. 

For example, if you are having chemistry, physics and informatics tomorrow, you should study the last topics of these subjects just to remember what you did last class which will also help you in the next day's lecture.


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