Memory Techniques on How to Study Better


 This is another important part of becoming a master student. Sometimes remembering what you just read becomes too hard for you. Am also a student it happens to me but I found out a strategy to overcome it which is using some acronymic sentence. 

Memory Techniques

Creating an acronymic sentence is a good strategy to apply when you have to remember information in
a certain order. 


An acronymic sentence is a sentence that is created using the first letter of each piece of information to be remembered.

Here is how to create an acronymic sentence:

đź’‹Write each piece of information you have to remember.

đź’‹Underline the first alphabet of each piece of information. If there is more than one word in a piece of information, underline the first letter of the most important word.

đź’‹Write a sentence using words that begins with the underlined letters.

"My (Mercury) very (Venus) earthy (Earth) mother (Mars) just (Jupiter) served (Saturn) us (Uranus) nine (Neptune) pizzas (Pluto)" is an acronymic sentence that students through the years have used to remember the order of planets around our sun, from closest to farthest.
acronymic sentence


Memory Techniques

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