How to study effectively (Read)

Most of us do not have a good study habit or worse still many do not know how to study and that is why we find it hard to learn, we are all intelligent no one is a dummy. We all may have different levels of intelligence quotient in us,

 but before our intelligence manifests in us we have to work it out, and never say it’s late you can start from now even a point can better still make you a winner or a loser. You have to work hard, put your brain to work by studying. Below are simplified ways of studying: 

What is studying?

 (1) Studying is applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject.
 (2) It is a state of mental absorption.
Before you start studying, it is important to have a study time table to avoid continual repetition of a particular subject maybe your favorite subject or thereabout, outline it to fit in your schedule and allocate enough time for study indirectly meaning less time for leisure, make sure your studying environment is conducive and comfortable for your study and concentration.

 Avoid all forms of distraction by avoiding anything that will somehow take away your focused attention from what you are studying. For example, phones, games, Switch off your phones and get rid of any other possible distractions.

 Say your prayers to your God calling him to give you a retentive memory as you study. Then be in the mood of study. Set a goal and also limits for you, for example...”I must complete this book not only completing it but also understand what is in it before today runs out".

When done bring out what you want to study and commence study. As you study your note-taking book should be by your side. If you are studying your copy book or textbooks you have to summarize them by writing down the important points, so as to make it easy for you to read at the eleventh hour of a test or an exam.


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