How to Wear Leggings as Pants: 5 Style Mistakes you should avoid (MUST SEE)

how to wear leggings as pants

Ladies break my heart when I see them dressing that way, why expose those bouncy package at the back, and that V thing I always see between your legs? why? Please below are the right way to carry your package in a more respectful gesture!

    Mistake #1 Leggings = pants

    Oh, this is a big one. The fabric on a proper legging should be thick so you do not see the person's skin peeking through.
    If you can see through the leggings, then they're probably too thin or they're tights, not leggings, and tights are NOT pants. In fact, it's a good rule of thumb to wear leggings as if they are not pants as well. Cause guess what? They're not.

    Mistake #2 Tight top + tight bottoms

    Many women try to coordinate leggings with cropped or tight, fitted tops. No, thank you. No matter how great you look from the rear, balance and layering are important when it comes to wearing leggings well. Let's think back to Mistake #1 and remember that leggings are more like tights than pants. Balance out form-fitting leggings with looser, roomier tops, sweaters, or tunics.

    Mistake #3 The walking anatomy lesson

    If we wanted an anatomy lesson, we'd go buy ourselves a Female Anatomy Doll, not go to the mall looking for women making Mistake #3. Wear leggings with longer shirts, tunics, or a short dress. Think mid-thigh length or, at the shortest, right below the hip and cover that rear.

    Mistake #4 Disco revival

    While there is probably some woman out there who can rock some silver, gold, or high-gloss leggings, let's all assume we're not her. When it comes to leggings, steer clear of the shine, which can show bulges or create them even where there are no bulges. Stick to opaque, shine-free leggings.

    Mistake #5 Life is one big aerobics class

    Life is NOT one big aerobics class, so please don't go around dressing like it is.

    How to Wear Leggings -- the Right Way:

    Make no mistake. Leggings are not just for women with buns of steel. If you wear them well, anyone of any body type can look great in them. 

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    how to wear leggings as pants
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