The Annoying Behaviours Ladies Exhibit On Social Network (Read)

it's becoming very annoying as most young

ladies ( ranging the age of 15_28)

are very very annoying on social network

like bbm, whattapp, facebook etc

it has been an ongoing trend among d


behavior types

first when you add a lady on bbm for instance
she would first of all Scrutinize u like

as if you are a criminal
( most people would say dis is normal now)
but i dont...... y i would add you as a friend i know b4 meeting you online den becos we lost contact and finally got you online.... you would want to claim to be an investigator......
there is no absolute reason for such .....

the next is after passing through their scrutnization they would turn you to a statue on their friend list
believe me this is more annoying she would only say hi wen you say hi dey never say hi to you when i say never i mean never

to get their attension you gat turn yourself to a greeting machine when ever you come online you would always say hi b4 u get an hi very silly behaviour

another very very very annoying one is after trying to greet sometimes they now feel like their untop of the world and sometimes they wont answer you or rather reply you or even though they reply you it would be after some hours or when you are about to log out some times i always feel like insulting them
cause its really frustrating

the worst of all is girls who reply in such hilarious and ridiculous way when chating with then

boy.. good morning
girl... gm
boy.... how are you
girl.... k
boy...... how was your night
girl...... kk
boy..... ***still typing the next statement ****
girl......k g2g

then she is offline or on bbm she wont ans at all

this one actually pisses me off so badly..

gosh to the ladies I would say actually this is very annoying and to me i would say you ladies exhibiting such characters are stupid

Source: NL

" Lolz Ladies this is pissing us off oo.. I experience it too honestly. Better change your characters before guys will start doing their own lol.
I hope what this guy said is true? ladies? "


behavior types
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