The feminine Gender- Money or Love?


Guys have you ever asked yourselves what the feminine gender of these days  are really into; either money or love? If yes, then our thinking is alike.

Ladies,It is of no doubt that love and money go along with each other,but ask yourselves, which comes first- money or love? Do money  stimulate  love or love first then  money?

There used to be a time when Ladies date guys regardless of their status or the statement of account. During those period, ladies are said to date blindly. Sometimes I just wished I was born in those era.

Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying ladies of now a days prefer money to love. In fact who doesn't like money? Who doesn't want comfort? Who doesn't want to live big? We all want these.

According to a statistics I saw on google few months ago,it was revealed that 65 percent of ladies around the world  date because of money while 35 percent wants to be independent regardless of the statement or status of their boo.

These days,ladies use money as overriding criteria for choosing their partners. If you have a girl who is dating you because of who (personality) you are and not because of what (position) you are,my brother keep am well ooo.


So many ladies have lost their lives, morals and ways as a result of love for money.  There is this popular saying among the ladies that "Forget about Love and Think about money".
No doubt I can't allow my sister to marry a poor guy because I believe you should be able to or let me say you should be ready to carry on responsibilities as a man of the house before getting married. Marriage is not something you can just jump into.  I will make her understand that money comes after love. I will also instill love of herself in her and not the love of money.

Mistakes I think guys make is that, they procreate when they are still trying to meet both ends meet. Giving birth is a blessing but my brother, why not play safe until you have that money to carter for the baby and the mama. Nigeria economy is not friendly with such thing.

The essence of this short piece of article is to charge our ladies and also change their believes about money and love and also to let them no that love is paramount in all situation.

No doubt money is very much essential in every relationship. But my dear ladies, bear with guys like me who is still struggling to make both ends meet. Love come first and money comes after. That Is the way I think it suppose to be .

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