SURULERE - Patience is Virtue (READ)




SURULERE is now what is trending in Nigeria ever since Dr Sid released his single titled SURULERE and since then I have always wanted to write an article relating to the title of the song.

SURULERE - Patience is Virtue

Patience is very important in life because good things don't easily and  its only take the power of those who have patience to  wait and receive the good things. Don't also  forget that all good things come to those who wait for it.
Do you know that Life can be so funny? In life the older you grow, the more the challenges and difficulties you face. At this point in time, patience even becomes more important/vital but funny enough human beings becomes less patient. Persistence is what makes d impossible possible.

In situations when you find things difficult, it is very much important to exercise patience. There are load of things in this life that takes time to build/yield or to grow just like various our  businesses we venture into. Everybody goes into one  business or the other  with profit motive but just because the business is not yielding or not growing fast doesn't mean it won't later.

 One just need to be focused and determined. A writer once said that pleasure isn't as enjoyable without the pain, so we have to be patient and endure our lives and accept our situations to be able to experience the bliss that we so rightfully deserve.


Vic Lawrence at says the most basic reasons for impatience are lack of control, lack of understanding, lack of planning, lack of communication and unrealistic expectations. When you claim control of these issues you can claim the rewards that patience can deliver.

What is it that you are going through? Do you feel bad when you see or hear about people achievements? Is there something you've been expecting to materialized all these while and it hasn't ? My dear brothers and sisters, the fact that  these people are there before you doesn't mean you won't get there or the fact that things you expected to have materialized hasn't doesn't mean it won't  . Why must you underestimate yourself? Why must you look around for shortcuts?

I see life to be a racing ground. You fight to the finish line without committing fouls. The fact that someone gets to the finish line before you doesn't mean you won't get to the there. So far you take to the  rules and regulations guiding the race and of which  having  patience is the number one (1) rule of the game.

Overtaking those ahead of you is also allowed. Never think because you are ahead of some people sothey can never surpass you or do better than you. They can meet you  and leave you at that same spot. One needs to be careful in life. No place in guarantee for ever,life is just for the main time.

 Just that in this type of race,you don't have to compete with anybody because competing with anyone in this life will only make someone to go into things you wouldn't want to go into on a normal day. You would do anything just to win be it good or bad way and it might not end well. Patience is very important in life because when we try to make things happen by all means in life,we put a lot of stress on ourselves.

what does virtue means?
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