Are you worried why things aren't always going well for you?

Even when you think you are with God? Even after praying for hours? 

After fasting for days and nights?

After being Good to people? 

Pretending to be honest and clean? 

You are intelligent and you know it but it doesn't show that on your final grades? 

Even after trying so hard?

Even after all these thoughts you still don't know what to do?

Wait I got something for you, you have to check them. You are against yourself, you

pray against yourself, you are an enemy to yourself: 

How? I figured that out by studying and observing people. You pray against your 

enemies, against evils, evil things, bad people, against agents of destruction, 

against contractors of bad destiny-building, malpractices, agents of malpractice, 

you also pray against anything that will make you sin or drift from a good and 

normal life. 

How do they affect you? 

A) You pray against your enemies: You are praying against your enemy and you 

are someone's enemy. What's the point? You pray against your enemy and your 

enemy prays against you. Aligning to Newton’s 3rd law of motion “Action and 

reaction are equal and opposite" 

B) You pray against evil: You pray against evil and evil things while you know 

some or most of the things you do are evil and hateful. Sorry to say this, what’s the 

difference between you and a devil? Just that devil is a major personified spirit of 

evil. And you pray against these things therefore praying against yourself and 

hurting yourself slowly. 

C) You pray against bad people and agents of destruction: You are bad and you

know it but you still pray against yourself. Damn! According to the Bible, Your 

mouth is powerful. You also pray against agents of destructions huh? While some 

of you pretend being good friends with your friends and also leading your friends 

astray. What can you call yourself now? 

D) Contractors of bad destiny building: That's what I call them, you know your 

destiny is in your hands. It's left for you to make your choice whether to develop it 

and build it as a professional contractor or you build it as a bad contractor. No one

is authorized to build your destiny for you. What the teachers and preacher do is to 

guide you through the right path of being a good contractor of your destiny-

building. At a stage in life, you will notice that you are faced alone with your 

destiny and you are to move on with it. The funny thing is that you pray against it 

too while you are busy building your destiny badly. 

E) Malpractice and agents of malpractice: Malpractice is really not a good thing 

and it's not for real people. In school you engage yourself in exam malpractice. 

When you do that, what are you called? Agent of malpractice right? And you pray

against it, right? You are praying against yourself now? 

F) Anything that will make you sin or drift from a good and normal life: A very

nice prayer but do not cheat yourself. You know that all those things that can make

you sin are all around you. Your eyes can make you sin, same with your brain and

others. I think you reduce the credibility, the feasibility and the originality of these

parts of your bodies. 

You should be mindful and critical about what you pray for or against because your

mouth is as powerful as a double-edged sword, according to the scripture. I am 

not supporting any of these bad characters neither am I trying to make you stop 

praying because prayer is the key to everything you want in this life if only you are 

really with God. 

And all these affect you because whatever you pray for is directly proportional to 

you. The point am trying to make here is that before you pray for or against 

anything, you should make sure you are clean! If you are not clean. You should 

always ask for forgiveness from God and also loving people and not hating them.

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