Attention Girls – Top Signs That Tell You That You Have to Call It Quits

Attention Girls – Top Signs That Tell You That You Have to Call It Quits

Breakups can be too much of a pain to handle, especially when your heart seems to be screaming for the other person’s name over and over again but your brain is telling you otherwise. Well, everyone will surely agree that love is far from being easy. Yes, it can be happy and sweet at one time, but there will always be those instances when all you will feel is hurt and resentment.

But then again, there is also that one instance when your relationship suddenly turns the wrong direction and out of the blue, you feel this choking need to finally let it go and relieve yourself of the burden that you have been carrying on your shoulders for so long. Ladies, whether you admit it or not, you have probably thought of simply dumping your guy at one point.

The million dollar question now is, how will you really be able to tell that it is high time for you to put an end to things and simply move on? To help you out, here are the tell tale signs that it is that moment when you will have to finally call it quits.

When Cheating Becomes His Newest Hobby
This is surely a no brainer but still, this has to be said – when he starts to cheat, kick him out to the street. Your probably thinking: “He already asked for forgiveness and told me that he’d never do it again. Besides, a good friend of mine used to cheat on his girl but now, the two of them are living happily married together.” Wake up, girls. It’s already 2014 and happy ever afters are almost as impossible as waiting for rain in the drought.


Control Freak, Anyone?
Did he tell you to stop wearing your red stilettos because you look like you are going to be picked up by some other guy? Did he just got oddly jealous yesterday after he saw you talking to another guy, who happens to be your cousin? Ladies, these are signs that you are dealing with a control freak. And good news, this is not a habit that can be easily changed. So, if you do not want to be chained when you two are already married, it’s high time to pack your bags and get ready to go.

Halloween Becomes a Year Round Celebration

If your relationship makes you feel drained instead of energized, chances are you are dating an energy vampire. You know, that kind of bloodsucking creature that gets the energy from its victim? If your guy does not friends or a life of his own, practically hanging onto your own life for his survival, then, drive the stake right through your relationship’s heart and end your agony.

Gut Feel Never Fails
Think about your boo? Does your heart swing around your lungs or do you feel that dreaded feeling in your stomach? If it happens to be the latter, then, leave, and leave right away.
Girls shouldn’t wait around for their boys to dump them, especially when they know that they deserve someone better. Keep these signs in mind so you won’t be caught in a not so healthy relationship the next time.

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