How To Catch A Cheating Girlfriend or Wife Red Handed! (MUST SEE)

Do you wonder if your wife is cheating on you? Here are five ways on how to catch a cheating woman.

Check the miles on the car

Does your wife lie about the errands that she did all day? Check the miles on the car. Was she gone for a large amount of time? Question her about it. 

If she frequently tells you the same thing over and over again then you know it is just an excuse. If she is cheating on you then she is will most likely go through more gas in the car each week driving around.

Notice any changes when she spends time away from you

Does she say she is running to the clothes store to do some shopping? Be worried if she has on any perfume and just took a shower before she left. Does she act all happy before she leaves? It might imply she is out visiting a man that knows how to make her happy.

Follow her if she keeps going out of the house more frequently

If she is visiting another man then she will have to eventually start making up more and more excuses to get out of the
house. She will tell you all sort of lies in order to make it seem innocent. She will tell you that she went out with her friend Katie. Perhaps she really did go out with Katie for dinner, but afterwards she went to see her other man.

Notice any changes during sex with her
If she seems like she just wants to get the sex over with you then be concerned. You might not be as good in bed as her man is. She might be disappointed in the sex life that you two have. Be a little worried if she constantly makes up excuses as to why she doesn't want to have sex with you. Be worried if she buys sexy clothes for herself, but doesn't wear them around you at all.

Check on her stories

Does she tell you stories that don't sound right? Check on her stories. Her friends may lie for her though. Her best friend might know who she is cheating on you with, but she won't tell you most likely. You need to be careful not to believe lies that her friends might tell you. She may even tell her friends lies if she thinks that you might ask them about her. Some friends will cover for each other by saying that so and so was with me last night at the movies.


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