Why I named my twins, Nollywood and Hollywood- Femi Ogendengbe

Actor, Femi Ogedengbe who recently named his set of twins Nollywood and Hollywood said he chose the 

names for his new kids in appreciation of his gains in the film industry where he found himself.

He said: “The names are my own way of appreciating the industry that 


gave me a chance, that is Nollywood and the industry I aspire to breakthrough, Hollywood.

I will simply say thank you to the people who criticized me for giving me attention.

 It shows they noticed me. Also it shows they left their own problems to 

respond to a guy with a very humble background from Dagbale Akoko Edo who grew up in the slums of Mushin.

He added that he was not an attention seeker as popularly said by critics, and thanked them for granting his family an undue attention.

“Sadly, all the attention they gave us did not come with money” He lamented

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