Breaking News: LeBron beats Ronaldo and Usain Bolt to secure the top spot

Professional athletes come in all shapes and sizes and so attempting to compare their abilities across the board is a contentious subject, but that hasn’t stopped Sports Illustrated.
For the first time ever, the editors and writers at the sports bible has ranked the Top 50 fittest male athletes.

    ‘For the professional male athlete it is the very foundation of success. But even among the pros, some athletes stand head and sculpted shoulders above the rest.
    His perfect 40 secured him first place ahead of Real Madrid and Portuguese soccer star Ronaldo who took second spot and West Indian sprinter Usain Bolt who took bronze on this occasion.
    Boxer Floyd Mayweather and swimmer Michael Phelps were among the other big names to make the top ten. The magazine already has plans for a Fittest 50 female athletes.

    LeBron : Basket

    Ronaldo : Football

    Usain Bolt : Race

    The list features sportsmen from all corners of the athletic world who were rated in four categories; speed, strength, agility and endurance.
    Each category was scored out of ten, so a perfect score would be 40 and that’s exactly what basketball legend LeBron James achieved.


    LeBron beats Ronaldo and Usain Bolt

    Source: 411vibe

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