Ebola: Nigerian Women Urge Husbands To Stop Cheating


Nigerian women beg their husbands to be faithful to reduce the possibility of Ebola virus spread.
Some women revealed to PM News that they feared the quick spread of the deadly disease thus stressing the importance of men not cheating on their women.
A business woman, who provided her name as Chineye Martins, said:
"The days of jumping from one woman to another are gone. The fear of Ebola is now the beginning of wisdom."
The anonymous respondent disclosed to the journalist that her husband promised to stop being unfaithful be not to put in danger his family in the course of Ebola outbreak.


"Since June when concerns began to grow because of this virus, my husband promised to stop going out, you know what I mean. Before this time, we had had cause to quarrel. I had also caught him cheating on me. Any sensible couple does not need to be told again how dangerous it would be to go ahead and cheat on your partner. You can’t tell who is infected until thesymptoms begin to manifest."
Commenting on the issue one Titilayo Ojo also touched upon the aspect saying that some people might be unaware of this way of Ebola virus spread: 
"What we only have in the text message currently circulating is that fluid like blood, sweat and semen from infected persons can be dangerous. Many uneducated people do not know what semen means. I think more emphasis should be on promiscuity by both men and women, especially young girls of these days who would do anything with a man just to get money."
The tropical disease currently ravaging Africa has recently caused mass panic in Nigeria, as two deaths from Ebola have been registered in the country, with the figure expected to rise as more cases were recorded.
Although there is currently no registered cure for the virus, the US developed a drug which is believed to have saved the lives of 2 Americans. The Nigerian Federal Government requested the experimental drug from the US Centre, however, the request was turned, with President Obama saying it was too early to send the serum, which has not been properly tested, to Africa. 
Source: Naij

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