How a (nearly) perfect relationship works (must read)

Near perfect love life

A relationship is an event between two people. It starts when a guy and a lady falls in love with each other. It can be when a guy first falls in love with a lady and asks her. Then with time, according to the guys mode of conduct, the lady falls in love with the guy. 

After the mutual actions, they agree to be together. To straighten their mutual  connections, they work hand in hand to exchange and tell each other their experiences, mutual ideas, creative ideas, ambitions, life problem... they tell each other more about themselves. 

The reasons why they tell each other more about themselves is to know how to really deal with each other as the mutual connection goes on. They try to set each other on the right path when someone is out stepping or stepping on a stone. They gain a lot of life experience between each other. When they have problems with each other, ofcourse no one is perfect, first they admit, apologise and set measure on how to avoid that problem in the near future. They help each other out. Not minding the gender, it's called maturity. They trust each other. They understand themselves. They believe in each other. They have faith in each other. 


They point out great ideas that can be helpful to themselves. They are always happy people. Always strong, making jokes on each other and not getting angry. They are always parallel and not perpendicular. They take their partner as their best friend. They act like best friends. They are loyal to each other. A relationship should be between two people, not the whole world. The world doesn't need to know that they are together. But the important thing is that they know that they are together. 

That idea that if guy or a lady doesn't display you on any of his or her social network means that he or she isn't proud of you or that he or she is afraid, maybe because he or she is a player. That idea can be bullshit because someone can still not put you up on his or her social network and still be loyal. What happens if he/she puts you up for the whole world to see and then on the way, the relationship breaks off? You are gonna look stupid. Aren't you? I believe when the world knows your business, it starts falling apart in one way or the other. Which destroys the mutual connection. And causes what is common these days "Heartbreak". 

They don't need that. When one of them needs to make a personal decision, and he or she vividly can't do that. He or she might ask for help from his or her mutual connector. It's really cool and encouraging when you ask help from him or her. It shows that he/she is (really) important to you.

They are always peaceful on the outside and to themselves. They almost do everything together: study, talk, laugh, pray, eat and many more. 

The main aim of a relationship between two people should be to improve each other's life and advances to marriage when it goes right...Nothing less or nothing more. But today,that's not how it is anymore. Today,people are in relationships for fun, to belong, to pass time, to hurt the fragile hearts,to show off,to exterminate their friends' joke of them. You should really know why you are in your current relationship. 

It's really important for you. You can be in a perfect relationship. It just takes two people who really want to be in a real perfect relationship to work. 

And remember that a great relationship is about two things: First, appreciating the similarities, and second, respecting the differences.

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