How to become an Excellent Medical student

 A medical student
Medical student 

Being a medical student is one of many dreams people had longtime ago. And fortunately 

for you, you made it. You are a medical student just on the stairs of medical education

stepping to the end of the stairs to  become a certified medical doctor. 

Many people who are doctors now will tell you that it's not an easy journey... Which is 

obviously true. That is why you have to look out for bumps and stumps as you travel. Am 

not a medical student but I think (if am not wrong ) that aspiring to become a medical doctor 

requires a lot of educational commitments. I mean becoming a medical doctor is about saving lives. 
And you wanna do it just right.

Commitments like constant presence to lectures, constant medical researches, constant 

study of international medical books and journal of medical professionals, your complete 

attention to medical practicals and projects, and much more. Do you know why it requires a lot? Let me tell you. Imagine you have a chronic headache,then you went to the 

hospital...the doctor examines you and says you need a major surgery on your leg..hmmm. 

What's my point here? My point is that you MUST know a whole lot about pathology and 

medical situations before you can be able to examine a patient and be able to pinpoint the problem in the human body so as to function well. 

And how do you know a whole lot? By being a committed medical student. Your time should

be spent wisely. I think students especially medical students should spend more of their time with their studies than flexing and chilling.

It is not an easy thing to do. But that's your dream...It's what you have passion for and will love doing in future. 

You don't wanna end up as a normal doctor. You should be a doctor with whole lot of uniqueness and dexterities in handling medical situations.

Why is it that when presidents of some countries get sick, not only presidents, even 

individuals with special kind of illness. They are flown to advanced hospitals with highly 

professional doctors to be attended to. Because they know how special and qualified those 

doctors are and what kind of medical complexity they can handle. You can be this kind of doctor but first things now to be THERE!

Its only an excellent medical student that will be an excellent medical doctor.

Well that's my view of how a medical student should be like.
Come on! You can do this? Just do it. 

Good Luck!!!

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                                                     Is this the kind of student you are?

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