is this the kind of student you are ?

You watch movies from 5:00pm to 2am the next day and sleep from 2am to 12 noon, while your day's lecture starts at 8:30am. I mean who does that?

Sometimes you miss tests or exams (surprise or known) given by the lecturer. And you don't care about it.

A Times you come to school at 12:30pm and stay till the end of the day's lectures or go home or somewhere after a period.

Sometimes you don't come at all.

When you come back home, you continues with your normal activities (Eat, movie and sleep).

Even when there is an exam, you maybe prepared or not but still get the marks far below what you should get. Well, I believe you can get better. 

And you still don't wanna improve or upgrade yourself.

Even after all the advice, friendly-talks, confrontations and dramas.

Ofcourse nobody is perfect, but that nobody is perfect doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to be perfect. You should always try. What's wrong with being near-perfect.?

I believe that this is not who you are, you let's your environment, activities, people and pride take over your real self thereby compromising your real potentials.

I just have one question for you, with all these your educational reluctancy. How will you succeed?

Well I hope that one day you are  gonna realize, that the university life you are living today, will end one day .

That you will be passing through the university and not the university passing through you.

That after university life, you will deal with life alone.

That after university, 95% of the people you see now, you won't see again.

That's no knowledge is a waste.

That our hard-work will always speak for us everywhere we go (No matter the connections you got).

I pray God help you !

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