Lad Buys Macbook online only to receive a picture of the macbook instead of the real thing

piece of paper with a macbook

One lad has had an absolute nightmare on eBay, after ordering an Apple MacBook but was sent a picture of the laptop instead.
Paul Barrington spent £300 for the top-of-the-range computer in the hope of becoming a wedding DJ but his dreams were shattered when he opened the box to find just a piece of paper.
As many of us know, Apple MacBooks can cost up to £1,500 when bought brand new but the bargain purchase proved too good to be true.
macbook pro

Lifelong surfer Paul, from Devon, was forced to sell his last surfboard to pay for the laptop and was devastated when he received the featherweight package.
I sold my pride and joy for a piece of paper. It is the first time I haven't had a surfboard since I was 10 years old but I need a laptop. He'd been a member for a few years so there was nothing to be suspicious about. Paul, very upset
Except there was. But luckily Paul, though extremely upset, said he almost laughed at how stupid it was to receive a box with some paper in it.
ebay scam

Paul has been in and out of hospital recently with a lung condition known as Bullous Emphesima, which means he has to give up surfing and his job in child care.
He has told eBay about the scam and is waiting to find out whether he will get a refund or not.


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