Qualities extroling the virtues of Dr Lady Gloria Eziuzo as a virtuous woman (Happy mothering Sunday)

Who is a Virtuous woman? A virtuous woman is a woman who is conforming to moral and ethical principles; morally excellent and upright. This special qualities is what I see in Lady Dr Gloria Eziuzo, anytime I look at her and think about her. She is a woman with exceptional behaviour and pragmatic motives. Being virtuous is not all about being a woman, there are many qualities that Lady Dr Gloria Eziuzo possesses that made her absolutely virtuous. 

Strong: she puts her strength in everything she does both physically, mentally and morally . She is not dwindled by  disappointments, failure and laziness.

Valuable: she is priceless. Why are precious stones costly? Because they are rare. She is a rare type of a woman. Her qualities is not easily seen in the many. 

Trustworthy: Being trustworthy is not all about people trusting you. It's more like people trusting you and believing that their trust is constant. She is an epitome of trustworthy. She gives people every reason to be trusted and puts good intentions to it.

Diligent and hardworking: when it comes to being diligent and hardworking she is a practical example of that. She cares a lot for the family, her personal works. She is not only diligent and hardworking, she is determined in all her works. She completes everything she does and doesn't leave them half way.

Careful Decision-Maker: she is very careful when making Decision. Takes extra time, breaking it bit by bit before coming out with fantastic decisions that culminate to positive sense.

Charitable: Not everyone will be as charitable as she is. She gives to the poor at all time. It's just like a routine activity for her. Any person will be like what's wrong with her but she knows what she is doing. She understands that some people in this world are not equal and they need help in some cases. She is a strong character in this case. 

Supporter and contributor: Everywhere there is positive motives you will find her there either supporting or contributing to make that motive or idea a reality and that's one of the things a virtuous woman should be known for. She is a contributor and supporter of success and greatness.

Confident in her future: She is bold and strong in her profession. She always believes  and it works for her. She is confident in her work. You try to pull her down and she grows stronger and higher. And this leaves her rivals amazed at her awesomeness. She always believes that the future has a lot more of goodness, success and greatness both for her and her family.

Guardian: Some parents don't watch over their children, they don't know where their children are, what they do, what they watch or who they hang out with.
Lady Dr Gloria Eziuzo is a very Good Guardian. Not only to her children but to other people's kids. And she is loved by her children and other kids. She is so caring and guarding. 

Fear of God: Above all she is a lady who puts God first in anything she does.

These and more I haven't mentioned here are what makes Lady Dr Gloria Eziuzo an exceptional type of woman. She is an inspiration to everybody around her. And her virtuous character speaks a lot about her. And that's how every virtuous lady should be. 

Happy mothering Sunday ma

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